Flink 82
Flink 82 is the ultimate and only Belgian tribute to Blink 182. Dominique, Fred and Rik thrive on puberty-nostalgia on stage, including bad jokes and dirty talk … tongue in cheek off course. These guys have been rocking stages since 2010, bringing back the catchy poppunk of the original Blink 182 : Dammit, All The Small Things, First Date, The Rock Show, … are only a few of the hits Flink 82 perform live, and make you nostalgic about those damn zits from back in highschool.

Factory Festival

p.a. Oostkade 14, 4551 CL Sas van Gent
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De Leutfabriek

Vlaanderenplein, 4551 BP Sas van Gent